Big Band: Swingers and Crooners

by Heavy Hitters Music

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Swing is in! New, original, fresh and lively Big Band Swing brought to you by Chicago's own Rob Parton Orchestra. Featuring the smooth vocals of Jeff Meegan and Alex MacDougall, these big, bold and brassy numbers will have you jitterbugging and swinging the night away.


released April 1, 2012

Licensing and Clearance: Heavy Hitters Music Group (818) 246-1250



all rights reserved


Heavy Hitters Music Glendale, California

The Heavy Hitters Music catalog is an Emmy award winning collection of over 10,000 tracks of both vocal and instrumental songs created and assembled for the primary purpose of providing hit-quality source music to the film, television and advertising community. It is, in the words of its owners and clients, "The Next Best Thing To The Majors." ... more

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Track Name: Rob Parton Orchestra feat. Alex MacDougall - I WANT IT ALL
I want it all
From the bright lights of Vegas
To the steps of the great China wall
I want it all
From Champagne in Paris
To the best shows that you ever saw
At Carnegie Hall
No one knows how long this crazy life will ever last
So while I’m here you’ll find me
Standing on the greener grass
I want it all
Hit the beach down in Rio
Conquer Everest deep in Nepal
I want it all
I want to ride in the Derby
Spend the New Years with the crystal ball and watch it fall
And for my love a tribute
That would dwarf the Taj Mahal
For that one's bound to fall
And I want it all
Track Name: Jeff Meegan - DANCING WITH YOU
I found me a paradise
I never knew
One dance and then I would discover
A paradise in you

With your hand in mine
Out on the floor
The talk was small but the feeling tremendous
A paradise for sure

I fell in love with your sweet and tender glow
Some how the music told me
Never let her go

One simple fact remains
Somehow to be true
In paradise now and forever
I’ll be dancing with you
Track Name: Rob Parton Orchestra feat. Jeff Meegan - ENCHANTED TOGETHER
Verse 1
Do you feel the wind blow
Do you here the drums beating in time
Everything now is a sign,
That says we’re together

Do you see the moonbeams
Can you taste the sweetness on your lips
From the soft and gentle kiss
That says we’re together

The world keeps on spinning around and around
But I can't take my eyes off of you
Are feet so it seems are clear off of the ground
For there's magic in all that we do

Now I know enchantment
For you were far and now you're near
And in your eyes I see that we're
Enchanted together

Verse 2
How I Dreamt about you
How I hoped someday you would be near
And that your whispers soon revealed
We'ed be together

With a touch that thrills me
With a glance when meeting up with mine
Turns my head like to much wine
Then we'd be together

End Tag
It’s the way your hips play
It's the way our lips play
The little things that we say
When we're together

It’s the way our eyes meet
It’s the way your lips taste so sweet
The way our hearts beat
Enchanted together
Track Name: Rob Parton Orchestra feat. Jeff Meegan - IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE
It’s a wonderful life yes siree
The birds are singing there song just me
Together there melody is like
a symphony from above
It’s the wonderful life
I’m dreaming of

It’s a marvelous day I confess
The smile on my face I just can’t repress
There’s so much joy deep down inside
That it’s just like being in love
It’s the marvelous day
I’m dreaming of

I can’t recall a time when I
Ever felt so lucky
I knew deep down someday it’s would come true

It’s written in the sky so clear
I fit like hand and glove with the wonderful life
With the wonderful life
It’s the wonderful life I’m dreaming of
Track Name: Alex MacDougall and the Brad Hatfield Big Band - THERE'S VEGAS BABY
There's everywhere else, and then there's Vegas
Anywhere else just don't fit the bill
You travel the world and then there's Vegas
You feel like a king
King of the whole damn hill!

Boston's got her beans
Pittsburgh, she's got steel
They won't set your heart to racin', like a spin of the wheel

There's everywhere else, and then there's Vegas baby
There's nowhere else, no place I'd rather be


There's everywhere else, and then there's Vegas baby
Ain't no place, no place I'd rather be


There's no place else, that shines so bright
So make it, Las Vegas, tonight!