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by Heavy Hitters Music

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released October 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Heavy Hitters Music Glendale, California

The Heavy Hitters Music catalog is an Emmy award winning collection of over 10,000 tracks of both vocal and instrumental songs created and assembled for the primary purpose of providing hit-quality source music to the film, television and advertising community. It is, in the words of its owners and clients, "The Next Best Thing To The Majors." ... more

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Track Name: AND HERE WE GO

Verse 1
Something’s going on
I can feel it tonight
I can feel it tonight
The timing’s so right

Verse 2
Take my hand let’s live
Like there’s nothing to lose
Like there’s nothing to lose
Just how we want to
Set the world aglow
Now here we go

Verse 2
Passion coming out
At the top of your lungs
At the top of your lungs
Like shadows we run

Verse 4
Holstered all my love
Now I’m setting it free
Now I’m setting it free
Be whatever you need
Pushing overload
Now here we go

Verse 1
Oh look at me
I’m just a beggar
Lost in love you see
Never been rich
Just barely getting by
Won’t you give me a fix
All you are is what I need

Ooo-ooo look what you do
I got the shakes, I got the shakes
Ooo-ooo look what you do
Can’t stop my legs, can’t stop my legs
Ooo-ooo look what you do to me

Verse 2
You came around
Got me to follow you
All over town
I’m so far gone
So honey you better not
String me along
Don’t you see how much I bleed?
Dashing through the snow
In a one horse open sleigh
Over them fields we go
We're laughin' all the way
Bells on Bobtails ring
They're making them spirits bright
Oh what fun it is to sing
A sleighing song tonight

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride
Like a locomotive runaway
Oh jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh

A day or two ago
The story I must tell
I went out on the snow
And on my back I fell
A gent came riding by
On a one horse open sleigh
He laughed at me as I lay there
Then quickly drove away, oh
Track Name: James Nagel - OH MY HAPPY BIRTHDAY - As heard on ABC's Nashville
Verse 1
This ain't no ordinary day
No, this is when history was made
Just like footprints on the moon
A masterpiece you came
Mom and Dad gave you a name
And all the Angels in Heaven they sang your tune

Oh my, looks like someone’s birthday's here
Well come on over friend and let me pour you a beer
This world just wouldn’t be the same without your song
We'll be celebrating ‘till the break of dawn
Oooo Oooo Oooo
Gonna celebrate, gonna celebrate the you

Verse 2
Feed 'em bones and watch 'em grow
You’re looking so good from head to toe
It's crazy how the time can go so fast
And another year has gone around
The moving train just won't slow down
So you better make the memories that last

Verse 3
I hope your day is blessed
I wish you love and happiness
Oh I pray your life is filled with joy and peace
Just promise to continue on
Keep the faith and sing your song
And you'll be a shining light to everyone you meet

Verse 1
Here’s the truth
You see my days have no originality
But when the sun is fading
That’s when I’m behaving differently

Verse 2
Pour me one, no two
I’m looking better than I usually do
Got air inside these lungs
It’s time to come undone
We’re cutting loose

Now I’m like the moon that’s fully-grown
On top of life and nowhere close to going home
My lover’s shining brighter than the fourth of July
You know at night we come alive

La da da da da da
La da da da da da
La da da da (2x)

Verse 3
The room begins to glow
I’m singing loud to every song I know
Now someone’s causing trouble
My friends are set to rumble
Let’s put on a show

Verse 4
Mr. Mr. please
Don’t kick us out until it’s time to leave
And turn the music up
We haven’t had enough
Oh can’t you see…

Verse 1
In the quiet
In the dark you pray
Feel your heartbeat as it runs away
And all the trouble you face
All the pain that awaits
Is a wave set to swallow you
But I’ll never let
A single one crash through

You’re not alone
You will always have my love
You’re not alone
You’re gonna make it through the rough
You’re not alone
No matter where you go
Find the strength and know
You’re not alone

Verse 2
In the silent
In the aftermath
When the smoke still hovers from your past
And all the wrong that you know
Like bombs to your soul
Oh they’ve left empty cracks behind
I will fill them in
And make you whole in time

Verse 1
Radio dial is set
Got my poison, placed my bet
It took a few spills at times
To wake me up, yeah get me primed
What kept me off the street
Was five shells and a beat
I ain’t never been the same
I’m feeling right like rain

Verse 2
I was just a creature
Lost without a teacher
I was breaking bad every which way
Trying to find hope in a wretched day
And though mama never coddled
I still had problems with the bottle
Went and cleaned up my whole game
Now I’m feeling right like rain

Verse 3
Some went for my head
Some just left me out for dead
And the fire grew deeper inside
Could have blown some men open wide
But I found meditation
In a late night FM station
Gave me purpose and a aim
Got me feeling right like rain
And there’s no one else to blame

Every roadblock in the way
Is a chance to turn the page
I keep hustling my songs for days
Gonna work, keep working
‘Till I get up to the big stage
Some say it’s a tougher road
But my heart ain’t letting go
I’m seeing clear, and now I know
Yeah now I know

Verse 4
I ain’t no politician
Ain’t no second hand magician
Just a fella who turned things all around
Met a good girl and settled down
Now the love that we’re making
Is the only drug I’m taking
I’m the candle, she’s the flame
And we’re feeling right like rain
There’s no one else to blame
Oh we’re feeling right like rain
And I’ll never be the same

Verse 1
Oh my you know you’re getting me so high
Think you got a little something that I need
When I’m with you the sky’s nothing but clear blue
Just like a giant ocean over me

And every laugh is a tidal wave
Yeah every little smile is a picture saved
Doing nothing but fun
Keeping hearts so young
Living for today
Ain’t got no worries on my mind
Just you and a whole lotta extra time
Come running when I hear you say

Wow let’s come together
Come together right now
Oh we’ll dance forever
Until the sun burns out
Wow let’s come together
Come together right now
There’s no other place I’d rather be
Then together with you now

Verse 2
I was all alone, I had no love
I kept walking that same old dusty road
Until you came ‘round singing out my name
Across the water, I finally found my home

Verse 1
Lay your worries down
Just surrender here and now
All the doubt that’s afoot
It won’t do any good
So just lay your worries down

Verse 2
Have some hope like guiding light
Keep it close through the darkest night
There’s a world that you see
And a dream that you bleed
Have some hope like guiding light

You gotta…
Fly just a little bit farther
You’re meant for something more
Something more
You gotta
Fly just a little bit farther
Can’t live until you soar
‘Til you soar
Fly just a little bit farther

Verse 3
Every bridge is quick to burn
Yeah some people they never learn
All that’s left is a name
Don’t you do the same
Every bridge is quick to burn

Verse 4
Put your strength in faith and love
Echo peace and you’ll calm the rough
And the fire will grow
Everybody will know
Put your strength in faith and love

Verse 1
Tell me a story
Write me a letter when you’re far away from home
I’ll give you a sip of
My coca-cola when the summer heat has grown
Oh it’s a crazy world we’re living in
But with you life doesn’t look so grim

There’s nothing better than you
There’s nothing better than me
Ain’t nothing stronger than the bond we share right here
I know you feel it too
There’s a smile I see
It gets a little brighter everyday
Oh I can’t wait to spend
Every second ‘till the end
I got me a best friend

Verse 2
I was a lonely soul
Just wishing for someone to save the day
You come around and
Knock on my window, come on let’s go out and play
Running through the creek
Hear meadowlark
Waiting to count all the stars at dark

Yeah there’s nothing that can tear apart
All the memories, the dreams, the sparks
The history that runs so deep
Like the roots of the tallest trees
You’re keeping this old heart aglow
And I hope that you always know…