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Vinyl Station delivers pulsing, atmospheric sounds and stunning vocals, combined with reflective, poignant lyrics that will elevate the emotion in any scene. This Phoenix band’s indie folk music is similar to The Civil Wars, Ryan Adams, and Snow Patrol.


released August 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Heavy Hitters Music Glendale, California

The Heavy Hitters Music catalog is an Emmy award winning collection of over 10,000 tracks of both vocal and instrumental songs created and assembled for the primary purpose of providing hit-quality source music to the film, television and advertising community. It is, in the words of its owners and clients, "The Next Best Thing To The Majors." ... more

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Track Name: Be That Man
Well the years look kind of funny you hold em in your teeth
Like a dark god above you, you're underneath his feet
And you're speaking all your words like eyes across a page
Like someone else can hold you up with some old fashioned rage

Your hand is closing, over me and I am
Am I wrong to want to
Want to be that man

There's someone in the kitchen
You don't know where they're standing
You drag around your shoes, by the door he left you stranded
You notice every moment, the motion of your hand
Across the crowded room, where you were last seen standing


You're stealing every second from every soul you see
Stealing every second then bring them all to me
And I watch your naked hands, as they wash me clean

Track Name: We're Alive
I tethered all my things above the floor
Weather dogs, weather kills, whether you're there or not
And maybe it will start to make sense when you're gone
And a book for a broken doorway, won’t move you along

We are on the breaking point
Water loses, water shakes every joint
We're alive
We're alive

And she has her hands in the flood
She has the last working gun
And already the actor that she does
Hit the lights, dull the lights

Track Name: When No One Notices
I'll tell you where to go from here
Now you feel free from me
You know that I'm all you got
Now you're aching to be seen

Listen to me softly now
That's how I speak and how
No one ever knows your name
You're thinking everybody sings

Going to sit back on your hands
Let me slip on past
I'm older now, older now
Let me just sit on your hands
Let me go away to the radio
Where no one notices
Oh kid

She likes the way I look when I play guitar
Sees a tiny shiver it's the hardest part
You're backed into a corner I know
The next thing you know you look alive like her
I listen while you're sleeping fast
Listen like I never heard you moving through grass
And I'm awake and I'm on my knees
And I know you're going to come back to me

Track Name: Forget
Remember one day back I was out in the mud
Felt as lucky as you but I didn't know

And every time I'm with you I see how far I need to go
You answer slow, you want me
But I feel so dumb when I listen you
You touch my face and you forget

I've been looking at you, I know who you are
Catch your hand at the door to look at you more


I've been looking at you, I know who you are

Track Name: Burned So Brightly
This heart is like an ocean
No one knows how real
But around you I'm bad

You're needing every summer
Holding out your teeth
To the wrong way you get

Now you're aching for me
Needing someone better
And I listen but I can't

So open your window
Let it drip inside
Your hands catch fire
Oh no

You burned so brightly
You held so still so still

Well there's money in the doorway
A fear that you can smell
Like a host who has gone

And every tragic woman
Selling every second
Makes her words come out wrong

The mission of the waves
The drowning of the day
Like a hole in your sun

Track Name: Keep Holding On
She was good at understanding
The way I knew to talk
And everything you took for granted
You get back if you want

What I fashion in your absence
These images of fame
Keep me scared enough to whisper
The three syllables of your name

And I keep holding this guitar
Ain't much else that I can do
Brings a little consolation
In comparison to you

And in the middle of my conscience
There's a picture of a girl
And there's a light on in the doorway
But I don't want to stir

And I know I can't resist her
And I know I'm not alone
The only guy that only kissed her
Those images I mourn

And it's not my constitution
That forces you to leave
You just want to be sought after
Makes me want to grieve
So I keep holding my guitar...

Holding on, I'm holding on

Will you open up and see her
Cause that's where I lay my head
And everyone is all awake now
And I don't want to stir her
Track Name: And The Other One
When I wake up I see it all inside you all
When I wake up if I wake up I see it all inside you all

It isn't real it isn't everything
But it's something when you're with him

I waited as long as I could
But you wouldn't have any of it
You've seen me I waited as long as I could
But you wouldn't have any of it

Oh the other one is the other way
Oh the other one looks the other way

When you close your eyes you see it all unfold
See it all break down right in front of you right in front of you
You wanted someone you wanted everyone
You wanted everything you wanted everything

I waited as long as I could
But you wouldn't have any of it
You see it I waited as long as I could
But you wouldn't have any of it

You know me
You know me
You know me
You know me
Track Name: See You Again
Don't cry it's too easy tonight
Don't mind me I don't it all
So far, ain't no difference in you
So fine, so fine I can't move

I will see you again
I will see you again
I will, I will

It was where you were tonight
It was where you were tonight

If I got no reason to wake
Then my blue heart's going to break
I see through your affectionate lines
I see you like nobody else

Track Name: There's Nothing Left For Me To Try
Wait for afternoon to go
Because we told each other so
When the evening sin makes you say
"I wrap my arms that way"

Pain has come and gone
Its fingers linger on
They up and leave soon
So I can stay
And I remember all the things that happened to you
Don't ask me to repeat

You will ask me what you see
You will wax up what you mean
And you notice everything
There's nothing left for me to try

Wait for afternoon to go
It won't undo anything
When the evening sin makes you stay
You wrap your arms that way


It's still before the sun
I can see your pretty shape
Reaching always to the door
It could be worse You could be the one
That I knew once before

Track Name: It's Nothing Yet
In mid New York, with pills in the rain
You're walking all the way and you stutter
All you see is shrunk from the headlights and the bulbs
You're wearing gloves, you don't think I miss you

You found your way out
The part where you always get lost
You live in your heart like a company
You are so you are so european looking in bed
It's not from a movie what I just said

You live in glass, you go too fast
You nuzzle the bars, you go on diets
You're spreading thin, in your peddler skin
You don't waste time, you live at the airport